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Building Inspections

Building Inspections

Keeping your buildings properly maintained improves occupant comfort, lowers operational costs and building systems downtime, and increases the life of your key building assets.

However, building inspections take a significant amount of time, can place personnel at risk due to difficult inspection locations, and require expertise that varies by the type of asset being inspected (HVAC, roofing, drains/plumbing, etc.).  This combination of issues means building inspections are not often done until a problem has already surfaced.

At Terosaur, we address these issues and provide you a reliable, high quality building inspection solution system that will enable you to conduct regular building inspections and identify issues before they impact building performance.

Challenge Terosaur Solution Result
Building inspections take a significant amount of time
Terosaur builds customized “missions” to scan all key building systems (HVAC, roofing, plumbing, drainage, electrical, etc.) for each building. Our UAV visually records each building asset in HD video to your specifications, providing both real-time viewing of the inspection and/or for later viewing.
Quick, efficient inspections with “live” and archived video for later use in analysis and corrective action.In addition, the UAV can be inspecting these assets within seconds of take off, eliminating the time personnel usually spend just to access each asset.
Personnel risk due to difficult inspection locations.
Our UAVs can inspect hover to inspect any building asset, whether on top of or on the outside (or inside) of the building, eliminating the need for ladders, scissor lifts, and other equipment typically used to put personnel safely in position to assess your building systems.
Since the mission can analyze all building assets in one session, there is no need to send multiple types of personnel (HVAC experts are usually different than roofing experts) up to do these inspections.
Inspection expertise varies by the type of asset being inspected.
Our cloud-based system uploads the video from each building inspection, and enables authenticated access via a web browser to view the video.
Authorized personnel (yours or third parties) can access and view video of the assets they have expertise in assessing, greatly reducing the cost of inspections. Video results can also be used to generate quotes from multiple third parties without requiring multiple initial inspections.